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RP log, Jake and Marco

Backdated to shortly after the previous log. Takes place...um. We'll say the 26th, 27th. Like after Marco comes back. >.> or not. If it seems rather disjointed and...odd...well, it is. Rated R-ish.

Jake: I'm so going to kick your ass this time, Marco. *probably not, actually, because Marco usually beats him at this game, but he says it anyway*

Marco: You say that every time. Put your money where your mouth is, buddy.

Jake: *determined* I plan to, man, I plan to. *glares at Marco's little car on the screen which is just ahead of his*

Marco: [accelerates his car around a turn] Ha, eat dust.

Jake: I don't _think_ so... [passes him on the inside of the turn] Ha!

Marco: [runs his car into Jake's, pushing him off the road and accelerates again] Ha yourself!

Jake: *curses and regains control of his car* Damn it. You suck. *speeds up, trying to catch Marco who now has a good lead*

Marco: Ha. Hahahaha. Only upon request. [hits a straight away and accelerates again]

Jake: Is that a promise? *kicks into a higher gear, chasing Marco--again, and why is he always doing that?*

Marco: I make no promises. [hits the final turn]

Jake: Why not? Afraid you might have to follow through? *accelerates right behind Marco, pulling even as he makes the turn but not able to pass him*

Marco: Not at a- why am I even having this discussion with you? [accelerates again]

Jake: *kind of forgot what they were arguing about* Because you started it. Does that mean you would? *absently, as he tries to run Marco off the road and prevent him from reaching the finish line*

Marco: [has kind of forgotten as well] Would what? [leans into Jake's car in turn]

Jake: Would...um... *concentrates on avoiding Marco's car, losing some speed in the process* I don't know, what was I going to ask you?

Marco: How would I know? It's your brain that's malfunctioning.

Jake: *smug* You forgot too, didn't you? *but damn it, Marco's going to win again*

Marco: Yup. Too busy kicking your ass.

Jake: *hates losing* Aw, fuck. Hey, wait... *remembers now* I said you suck.

Marco: ...Right. Which is clearly incorrect as I just won. [blows a raspberry]

Jake: Yeah, yeah... *distracted as he reviews the conversation* Uh... you wouldn't, would you. *not sure if he wants a yes or a no and hell, why does he even want to know?*

Marco: [absently, entering his initials in the 'record time' slot] Wouldn't what?

Jake: *embarrassed now, almost says just forget it* Uh...you know. You said only upon request.

Marco: [gives him a weird look] Jake, I don't think we're at that stage in our relationship. -_-

Jake: *blinks* Um, yeah. *didn't think of that* ...we have a relationship? *wonders why that doesn't sound weird, and also why he's staring at Marco's mouth*

Marco: In most cultures, I believe friendship is considered a relationship. However, if this is different in Jake-land, please enlighten me.

Jake: Um...no... *still staring at Marco's mouth, and he's leaning*

Marco: [stops concentrating on the game to turn towards Jake] What's- [when he turns, his mouth accidentially meets Jake's]

Jake: *warm and unexpectedly good, and he turns it into a kiss without thinking, reaching up to lace his fingers in Marco's hair*

Marco: [meeps in surprise, his eyes wide]

Jake: *still not thinking and doesn't notice Marco's surprise, too busy cataloguing new sensations...why hasn't he done this before?*

Marco: [pulls back] Uhh. [licks his lips]

Jake: Mmm... *opens his eyes slowly, not quite realizing why Marco pulled away--starts to ask but gets distracted by watching the tip of Marco's tongue tracing his lips*

Marco: [still staring at Jake stupidly] Jake?

Jake: Yeah? *Marco's hair is soft, he likes the way it feels, and he leans closer again...why is Marco staring at him like that?* Can we do that again?

Marco: [decides not to argue or question right now and nods jerkily, kissing Jake again]

Jake: *yeah, much better, kissing is good, they should do this more often* *suddenly wants to know what Marco tastes like, lips parting just slightly, like a question*

Marco: [definitely not complaining, parts his lips under Jake's and licks lightly at his lower lip]

Jake: *someone is purring, and it's him, a vague thought as he pulls Marco closer and deepens the kiss, wanting more, it's so so good...*

Marco: [finds himself kneeling with legs on either side of Jake's, the position shifting their heights so he's actually leaning down towards Jake slightly, his hands resting flat-palmed against Jake's chest, ends of his fingers curled around his shoulders]

Jake: *ohgodohgod yes, why didn't he know he wanted this? maybe he always wanted this, he's never felt like this before and it's so damn good.... groans softly into Marco's mouth and his hands slide down Marco's back to rest on his hips, pulling him closer and god, it's hot in here*

Marco: [mouth parts from Jake's, sliding over his jaw, nipping lightly and kissing, to his ear. He sucks on the lobe, hands running up and down Jake's chest]

Jake: [that's different, makes him shiver but it's nice, tingling down his spine for some reason, and he retaliates in kind, head bent slightly to mouth the side of Marco's neck, teeth scraping lightly at the skin]

Marco: [gasps and tilts his head a little further to the side, distracted thoroughly from what he's doing, though his hands move almost of their own accord, over Jake's chest, up and down his back, around to his stomach, exploring the strong body under his fingers]

Jake: [likes the taste of Marco's skin, a lot, and he never knew the human body had so many nerve endings, but he can feel them all now, each sparking individually and sending little tendrils of warmth curling through him from the ends of Marco's fingers, and his own hands are moving, searching, learning by touch as he wonders if it feels the same way to Marco, like electricity or fire]

Marco: [shivers, as Jake's fingers trace lines of fire on his body, and he moves closer still, because suddenly any space is too much space, and he starts tugging at Jake's clothes, wondering what he's doing and if this is really a good idea because ten minutes ago they were playing video games and he didn't even know that Jake liked him Like This, but somehow he can't bring himself to care whether it's a good idea or not]

Jake: [really not thinking at all anymore, except those single syllables like yes, and good, and more, but he's totally out of breath to say them with and so he kisses Marco again, hard and deep because then it doesn't matter if he can't talk and he seems to be losing his shirt, but that's okay, more than okay and Marco's hands are warm...]

Marco: [returns the kiss, hard, tossing Jake's shirt who-knows-where and tugs Jake to his feet, then pushes him back onto a bed, falling on top of him, kissing him again, hands now running over Jake's smooth skin]

Jake: [finds himself shirtless and laying down and not quite sure how he got there, but he really, really doesn't care, Marco is there again and kissing, hotwetslick and skin burning where Marco touches, warm weight on top of him and oh... god... shuddering, needing, wanting, but...

...Marco, his brain thinks suddenly, this is Marco, and he's never thought of doing anything like this with his best friend, what? the fuck?

...eyes blinking open suddenly and it's dark, why is it so dark, and...oh... damn... waking up, still breathing hard and aching, and it was just... a dream and the strangest, most disturbing thing about it is that he's thinking that was a really bad place for it to end]

ooc: so the actual date for this is night of the 25th, more or less immediately following the other log. ^_~
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