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Rachel sighed and rubbed her forehead. She had been moving furniture all day long. Tobias has remained at the beginning to help her out, but sooner or later he had to leave to finish studying and not pass up the two hour limit. Her eyes gazed over to the note bad with all of the phone number of everyone on them. She picked it up and a mischevious grinned crossed her face. It was a golden opprotuniry. She picked up her phone and dialed the number. She saw and waited as it rang.

Marco, hearing his cell ring, hopped out of his chair, tripped over a pile of clothes, tripped again over his books, and finally made it to the spot he'd tossed his cell phone. "Hello?" he said, picking it up, still hopping on one foot from stubbing his toe.

"Yes, is this Sir Marco? This is Jessica Manning with the Save the Whales foundatation of Yorkshire Ireland. We were wandering if you would so kind to lend us your support by making a direct donation to our orgnization in helping the poor creatures for the sea," Rachel said in a deep, proper british accent.

Marco snorted. "You're barking up the wrong tree, miss. Poor college student here." He muttered something about saving humanity apparently not counting for anything under his breath.

"But it's only a small donation of fifty dollars a year, you'll be doing the Earth some good."

"I can buy about a week's worth of food for that, at least," Marco said dryly. "Sorry, but no."

"Then would you consider being our spokes person for the anual Save the Kangaroos foundation occuring in Las Vegas this year? Your co-host would be The wanderful Ms. Jennifer Lopez."

Marco dropped his phone, and then picked it up again. "Are you serious?" he asked. Mmm...Jennifer Lopez... of course, he probably had school... but that could be passed up for Jennifer Lopez.

"Of course I'm serious, darling," she said, changing her accent. "Mrs. Lucy Lu would be so honored to have a big hunt of man meat like you accompaning her to keep the naked mole rat safe from harm's way."

Marco blinked, comprehension dawning. "Hey... is this a joke?"

"Of course not sexy! Who would want to play a joke on hero?" Rachel enthused. "Now, I will give you the address of where you must meet your contact. But be careful." Her voice went into a whisper. "They're watching you. They're always watching you."

Marco rolled his eyes. "If Jake put you up to this because I went through his stuff, tell him I'll plant gay porn in his things," Marco said, before hanging up.

Within the hour the phone rang again.

Marco gave the phone a suspicious look, but picked it up anyway. "Hello?"

"Yes, the is Frank George with the Gay Porn industry. I"m calling to confirm an order made out to a huh. . . MR. Marco," she attempted to sound as masculane as she could.

Marco, now onto the game, only had to think for a moment about whether he'd ordered any gay porn lately before he decided to play along. "Oh... that must have been my roommate. Can I be of assistance anyway?"

"Uh, yes, I"m gonna have to get a signature made to a certain account to grant the rights of proper payment," she replied. "If you could just give me your credit card number I can surely get your order shipped to you right away."

"Oh, my credit card? That's... umm... lemme check. It's Visa, number 5555-2346-8876-9999," he said, deadpan.

"Do not lie to me sir, that's too many numbers."

"Okay," Marco said agreeably. "How many numbers would you like?"

"The right ones, sir. Or, I could just give you mine, and we can hook up, if you know what I mean."

"That sounds good," Marco said, leaning against the wall and wondering if Jake really was responsible for this. It was awfully creative..."

Rachel paused for a second hoping he wasn't serious. "So I will give the place to meet. And be very very careful. They're watching you. They're always watching."

"Of course, of course. I'm entirely capable of being subtle," he said, and as if on cue, stubbed his toe again. "Ow," he muttered, followed by several words not meant for polite company.

"Now now sir, I know your excited, but you should start without me."

"It's only because you have such a sexy voice," Marco said dryly.

"Well I try," her voice being less careful now."

Something niggled at the back of Marco's brain... something about the attitude in the voice. However, he ignored it as he always did. "I look forward to seeing you, miss...?

She quickly hung up and laughed uncontrollable. It was great. When she finally got to see him again, she would so have to mess around with him about this. Of course, she forgot the little trick to prevent caller ID to show.
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