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Another RP Session

PRG log: Ax and Jake talk by phone a few hours before Ax returns to Earth.

*requesting transmission to number ###-###-####*
*request confirmed, connecting*
*connection confirmed*
Prince Jake: *cell phone ringing, once, twice* Hello?
Aximili: Prince Jake
Prince Jake: Ax. Yeah, it's me. Good to hear from you. You're on your way in?
Aximili: Yes. We should arrive before the end of the day. I'm simply calling to confirm the transfer of six prisoners, four humans, and two Hork-Bajir. Will you be there to handle the transfer?
Prince Jake: Sounds good. I should be there... coming in to the usual place?
Aximili: Of course. Also, you may want to note to you colleagues that one of the prisoners seems to have pertinent information. We would have interrogated him here, but I fear that would anger General Miller again.
Aximili: (Gen Miller - one of the brass, hard ass for the rules)
Prince Jake: Yes... *dryly* General Miller is easily irritated. Probably just as well. I'll make sure they are notified. One of the humans?
Aximili: Yes, he had a human as his host
Prince Jake: Okay, we'll be ready for you then... I'll meet you there. Anything else we should know?
Aximili: I don't believe so. We will, of course, include a full report on prisoner behavior, but so often those reports seem to go astray. I believe some of your colleges do not trust our intelligence gathering.
Aximili: Perhaps I should just entrust our reports to you.
Prince Jake: *sighs and grimaces* I don't think they do, no. Too many of them are too certain of their own experience. You might want to send copies of your reports directly to me, just to make sure that I get them, yes--but send them to the usual places too. We don't want anyone saying you're not making proper reports, after all.
Aximili: Very true.
Aximili: Have you heard from the others recently? Marco convinced me to make a Live Journal. Did he do the same to you?
Prince Jake: Yeah, he did... hadn't heard from him in a while, but he seems to think we all need to keep in touch better, and he's right. I made one, but I haven't had a chance to do anything with it yet. Have you talked to anyone else lately?
Aximili: Marco and Cassie and Melissa. Do you remember her?
Prince Jake: Melissa...Chapman? *surprised* Rachel's friend Melissa? Yeah, I remember her... interesting.
Aximili: Yes. She's studying psychiatry, I believe. Human psychiatry would be a useful thing to know in this kind of work, I think.
Prince Jake: Very useful, I would think. That's good to know. Where does she work, do you know?
Aximili: I don't. Perhaps you should use the Live Journal to ask her.
Prince Jake: I should look her up, yeah... *makes a note of that* We might be able to work with her, if she's interested.
Aximili: Once she completes her schooling, of course. I don't think the officers like General Miller would recognize work from someone still in school.
Prince Jake: Ahh, I see. She's still in school then?
Aximili: Yes.
Prince Jake: Hmm. Well, it's something to keep in mind, at least.
Aximili: I should go. My FO seems to think there is a problem only I can handle.
Prince Jake: I need to get going also... I'll see you later, I guess. Good luck!
Aximili: I'll see you tonight, then. Goodbye.
Prince Jake: Bye. *hangs up*
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((Nice job guys. I can't wait for Tobias and I to finish up with the Auckland scenes so we can play out he OMGWTFBBQAIM!!!! Rachel!! scenes. XD))