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OOC - introduction and call to arms

Hi, there. I've joined up despite modly warnings near-deadness, so I thought it prudent to introduce myself and, more-over, my character. I'll be playing Alloran-Semitur-Corrass, everyone's favorite disgraced war-prince.

I know that the Animorphs, at least, have their own plot arranged to some extent, so I won't attempt to interfere with that. In my mind, Alloran is currently drifting about the galaxy pointlessly - and slowly enough not to incur problems with relativity - feeling rather depressed and confused now that the joy of having Esplin is out of his head and in a tank in Kansas has passed, leaving him alone with his memories. I don't see him coming to Earth for some time, although if he does, he might well be lonely enough to go visit the former Visser. He is - if Ax does not strenuously object - rather fond of Aximili because of various events in #54 (Ax knocking him out so they can get Visser Three out, then welcoming his support in the challenge issue, and finally welcoming him back to "the fold", as it were), but doesn't suppose that Aximili, an up-and-coming young hero, is very likely to want to be followed about by someone with his past. He also has rather strange memory-issues, resulting from the Ellimist's manipulation of his time-line and all of the other crazy stuff that went on during the Andalite Chronicles, which make him kind of rambly in his entries and prone to apparently unrelated digressions from the subject at hand. On LiveJournal, this is only mildly irritating, as it closely resembles any number of real journals anyway, but it might get a tad infuriating in conversation with more focused people.

For the purposes of updates, I'm leaning toward a highly fabricated story about Z-space transponders recording Alloran's transmissions onto a network which has been recently extended to Earth and which happens to be able to tap into the Internet. This will allow him to update regularly, rather than only when he reaches Earth, and should generally make life easier for everyone. However, why Alloran chooses to do this is less than clear - I can only imagine that he's quietly trying to create somewhere in which he can be perceived other than as the Hork-Bajir Butcher and Visser Three's host.

Eventually, I'd like to get together with Ax at least (because of the history) and hopefully some of the other Animorphs - or anyone else who wants to join in, of course - and arrange some kind of non-depressing plot for Alloran to be involved in. I can't imagine that he'd be terribly welcome at a college, but perhaps something will come up to at least give him a bit of purpose in his life.

So! That's Alloran. I'd be glad to hear from anyone who feels like plotting, even if it's of the extremely long-term variety, and thrilled if we can find a way to work poor Alloran into a plot somewhere.
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