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another Jake and Marco log

Again, since we are lazy about editing and such.. backdated a little to the 25th, referencing this entry. Kind of maybe a warning for angst? >.> Yeah.

Marco checked the time- pretty late. He was pretty sure Jake would already be asleep, so he opened the door to his room quietly, tiptoeing inside- and he caught a view of the computer when he entered, his livejournal entry from earlier still on the screen. Oh.....crap. His mind came to a screeching halt as he glanced around and saw Jake's keys- he'd probably seen it, then.

Marco turned and dashed back out the door before Jake could notice he was there, if he was still awake- which considering the circumstances he probably would be. The door thudded shut behind him.

Jake sat up quickly, hearing the door shut...damn. Marco hadn't even said anything. Jake had been tired when he came in, and hadn't even noticed that Marco hadn't logged out of his journal. It wasn't like he'd meant to read it, but it had been kind of hard to miss. He was still tired now, and Marco hadn't been back yet, so he'd just gone to bed, but he was definitely not sleeping. No way. His brain was still in shock, and wtf? was pretty much the only thing he was thinking. Marco thought what? he felt like that? And Jake had no idea.

It made him wonder what else he'd been missing... but he wanted to talk to Marco. He had no idea what he was going to say, but that was a hell of a thing to spring on a guy and then not talk about it. And that was about the extent of his plan as he hurriedly pulled on his jeans and found the shirt he'd discarded earlier, and followed Marco out the door.

Marco was pretty sure he heard Jake come out behind him, but he didn't stop to see, taking the stairs two at a time and focusing on the first morph he could think of as soon as he got outside, which happened to be dog. He left his clothes discarded in a messy pile, not really caring, and trotted off into the nearest bushes, curling up into a little doggy pile of anxiety.

Marco had disappeared by the time Jake got to the bottom of the stairs and he paused, frowning. He knew he'd been right behind him. Oh. There. A little pile of clothing, meaning that Marco was freaked out enough to morph and run. Okay... wasn't that overreacting just a bit? Yeah, it was weird, and Jake would have to admit to being a little freaked out himself, but jeez... that was not cool.

He glanced up, eyeing the sky, wondering what kind of morph Marco had taken, and if he had a chance of catching him. No hawks or other random bird life were visible, but that could just mean that he'd already flown out of sight, or it might just be too dark to see. He sighed, trying to decide if he felt more frustrated or relieved, or possibly just annoyed. Why had Marco never said anything?

Ew.... something bit Marco. He shifted slightly, scratching an ear with his paw, and the bushes rustling slightly with the movement.

Startled, Jake turned his head, realizing there was someone...or something there. He moved, cautiously, eyeing the rustling bush. He almost laughed when he saw the dog curled up beneath it--a dog he recognized. Marco. Shaking his head, Jake went over to stand next to him, debating about whether to drag him out of there, or just talk at him from here. Either way, it didn't look like Marco was in much of a mood for listening.


Marco cringed internally, but let the dog's brain take over to act as naturally as possible. What the dog's mind decided was that he was going to lift his head and whine slightly, wagging his tail. He was also pretty sure he was giving Jake classic puppy eyes. Pet me! his whole demeanor seemed to scream.

Jake sighed, and crouched next to him, thinking absently that Marco really didn't to be in morph to do that, because that look was damn effective even when he was human. But apparently he was not moving, which meant that Jake was stuck here basically talking to a dog about his best friend's crush on him, and whoa, that was just really, really way beyond weird, even for someone who'd spent the last few years fighting an alien invasion from outer space.

"Marco, look..." And what the hell was he supposed to say, anyway? He wasn't even sure how he felt about it, other than it was just really fucking weird. "I saw your journal. I didn't mean to, but you left it up, and... um. I, don't mind, I guess... but jeez, you could have said something!" A tinge of exasperated annoyance crept into his tone. "I mean... god, this is so damn weird," he finished, mostly to himself, because Marco was really not listening anyway.

Marco perked up marginally, ears lifting slightly in a way that made him look curious, as well as attentive. Okay, Jake wasn't mad, and he wasn't completely creeped out. That was a start. He wasn't going to admit to being not-a-dog yet, but he was feeling a little better. Marginally. It would help if Jake would stop saying it was "weird", though.

Or maybe he was listening. Jake saw the dog's ears perk up, and he blinked, then smiled wryly and sighed. "You know, this would be a lot easier if you weren't pretending not to listen." Probably.

A sudden flash of doubt struck him about whether anything could, in fact, make this uncomfortable situation better. He wasn't at all sure how he felt about it. But he was vaguely annoyed that Marco had avoided talking to him, all the same. Maybe he wouldn't have wanted Marco to have a crush on him, but he would at least want to know, right?

"Why didn't you ever say anything to me?" Had Marco really thought he would react that badly? Well, Jake couldn't really blame him for being wary about it, but it wasn't like he was...upset. Just rather in shock, he thought.

.... Marco gave in.

<\Wouldn't you have felt like an idiot if it turned out that you were just talking to a dog?> He gave a dog wuffle-snort noise. <\Oh yeah, like that would have been so easy.>

"I knew it was you." Jake shrugged dismissively, not really sure how he knew and not really caring, but he had known. "It would have been easier than this, don't you think? You could a least give a guy some warning." He paused, thinking about the words. "I didn't even know you liked guys," he grumbled, a bit irritably.

Marco would have rolled his eyes but he suspected that the effect would look extremely silly on a dog. Instead he started demorphing. <\Well excuse me for not wanting to jeopardize-> He cut off for a moment. "Our friendship. I didn't exactly know what sort of reaction I'd get."

Jake stared at him. Okay, he was definitely annoyed now. "Completely aside from the fact that you were..." He stumbled, on unfamiliar ground here. "Interested in me specifically," he finished finally. "You thought I was going to be that freaked out that you liked guys in general?"

Marco huffed. "I didn't necessarily think that you would, but I didn't know that you wouldn't, either. Besides, didn't the word 'weird' come up at least twice when you first came out here?"

"Marco," Jake said patiently, "the weirdness is that I thought you were straight when I saw that in your journal. I would have been surprised if you had told me you were gay, but I would have been cool with it. It's finding out you're not only gay but you know... have a crush on me?" He rubbed the back of his neck, self consciously. "All at the same time. It's kind of a lot to adjust to, alright?"

"Hey, I am bi," Marco corrected. "I'd still do Nicole Kidman." He sighed. "All right. Do you want some space?" He wasn't going to admit that he probably needed some space as well.

Jake considered. Space. Time to think? Yeah, that'd be nice. Just a little... space. He nodded, started to say something, then just nodded again. "Yeah. Okay. That might be good."

Marco nodded and stood, brushing off the seat of his pants. "All right. I'm gonna go crash with some friends. I'll be back in a couple days."

That was...not so good. Jake ran a hand through his hair, feeling a bit guilty. He hadn't really thought about it that 'space' meant...well... space...which meant one of them would have to go elsewhere for awhile--and yeah, okay, so he wasn't thinking all that clearly at the moment.

"Um... is that going to be okay?" he asked doubtfully. "I mean you don't have to..." he trailed off, not really sure what he wanted to say.

Marco shrugged. "It's fine. This friend of mine keeps bugging me to come over and get drunk with him anyway. It's Saturday, so I should be good for a night at least."

Jake nodded, somewhat reassured. "Okay. Fine. That should be fine." Just a night, yeah, a day to get his head sorted out. That would work.

Marco trotted off. "See ya," he said, not sure what else to say.

"Yeah, see you," Jake muttered to himself, Marco being already out of earshot. He was trying to decide if that went better or worse than could be expected. It could have gone better how? asked a little voice in his head.

Not sure that he really wanted the answer to that, he shrugged, and turned to head back up to their room. Life just got a lot more complicated.
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