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Saying goodbye: RP session

Ax, Tobias, and Rachel meet at the mall to say goodbye before Ax leaves on another mission.

Aximili: *Ax sits in human morph at a table in the mall food court, happily working his way through half a dozen cinnamon buns*
Rachel: *Rachel came in with Tobias, holding his hand. She was excited. It's been too long since she's seen Ax.*
Tobias: *is walking slowly, but is excited to see Ax again*
Aximili: *Sees the couple and stops eating* *works to swallow so he can talk* Rachel? You're really alive. Tobias told me, but I'm afraid I had a hard time believing him.
Rachel: *Chuckles, putting her hands on her hips.* Yea, Tobias told me you thought he was a little crazy when he mentioned me. *A grin spread on her face.* It's good to see you still haven't lost your appetite.
Aximili: *glances at the forgotten food* No, I still enjoy Cinnabuns.
Tobias: *smiles a little* Hey, Ax-man.
Aximili: Hello Tobias. Both of you sit down. It's uncomfortable looking up at you. It's very inconvenient to only have two eyes...
Rachel: *Sits down and folds her arms together on the table, not sure what to say.*
Tobias: *sits down and looks around* And not very good ones, either.
Aximili: *gins and grabs another Cinnabun* The sense of taste makes up for that. I shall have to get more to take with me on the ship, even though they won't keep for very long.
Tobias: I've missed this. Watching you inhale Cinnabuns.
Rachel: You wouldn't happen to want to share one of those would you?
Aximili: *is eating a Cinnabun and can't answer* *points to the plate where only two Cinnabuns remain*
Rachel: *Only laughs, then stands up.* I'll get me something, don't worry about. You enjoy your cinnamon buns. Tobias, do you want anything?
Tobias: Maybe a slice of pizza. *fishes through his pockets for some money*
Rachel: -Waves her hand at him.- I've got it don't worry about it.
Tobias: *looks at her uncertainly* Are you sure?
Rachel: I'm sure. I earned quite a nice living while in Auckland. *Walks off to the pizza place to get two slices of pizza and comes back* So, Ax. What have you been up since we're not fighting slugs anymore?
Aximili: I'm still fighting. Not in the same way, of course. My ship, The Intrepid, chases resisting groups of the old Yeerk Empire. It's very satisfying to finally have the advantage over these 'slugs.'
Rachel: There are resisting groups? *Her eyes light up.* Looking for some recruits to help you out?
Aximili: I'd love to offer you a job, but the Andalite military generally frowns on letting females fight. And I'm not sure how they'd react to someone from a different species.
Rachel: Well, I can always . . . PRETEND to be an Andalite.
Tobias: *blinks at that*
Aximili: It wouldn't work. You'd have better luck pushing the fact that you were an Animorph. You're very popular on the home world. Andalites love a martyr.
Rachel: I am? What do they say about me? *bites into her pizza*
Aximili: That you 'lived the life and died the death that all warriors should aspire to.'
Rachel: Here that? *nudges Tobias some* They think I'm a hero.
Aximili: As I said, Andalites love a martyr. We believe that there is no greater honor than to die in a fight. However, you didn't die... *pauses thoughtfully*
Tobias: *smiles at Rachel* Well, I already new that.
Aximili: Rachel, how open were you planning to be with this news? Will you tell the media?
Rachel: Well, we'll leave them in the dark for a little longer. *there was some insistence in her voice* Regardless, I still need to fine something to do with my spare time.
Aximili: *thinks for a moment* Perhaps you could talk to Jake. The Andalite military can't take you, but perhaps your Earth counter-parts can.
Tobias: *looks relieved at that*
Rachel: I haven't been able to talk to Jake yet. I bet he's pretty mad with me. Psst.
Aximili: I believe he's going to college with Marco.
Aximili: Why would Jake be mad at you?
Rachel: -Shrugs- For disappearing.
Tobias: *watches the both of them quietly*
Aximili: I would think he'd be happy to see you alive.
Rachel: I'll have to see when I encounter him. *she grinnes* I already gave Marco a phone call.
Aximili: You did? About what?
Rachel: -Snickers- Gay Porn.
Tobias: Gay- What? You... Why?
Rachel: *Rolling her eyes, she turnes to him* I was prank calling him.
Tobias: Why?
Rachel: Why not? *she scrunches her nose at him* What? Are you jealous?
Tobias: Jealous? *blinks in surprise* Why would I be?
Rachel: I don't know, that's what I was asking you. *She is obviously teasing him.*
Tobias: *looks trapped* I'm not jealous, I just don't know why you'd want to call about gay porn...
Rachel: Because it would be funny.
Tobias: It's funny? I don't really see the humor...
Rachel: I don't like porn at all, Tobias, let alone gay porn. It was just something to tease Marco about.
Tobias: No- wait! That's not what I meant....
Aximili: *decides it's a good time to go buy more Cinnabuns*
Rachel: *pokes him* I know. I know. I'm teasing you. You know I love you.
Tobias: *grins* *a little shyly* I love you, too.
Rachel: *Gives him a peck on the cheek before returning to her pizza, waiting for Ax to come back*
Aximili: *Ax returns a few minutes later with a box of two dozen Cinnabuns* The young woman at the counter wouldn't take my money. She just kept going on and on about how she recognized me and how she’s always wanted to meet me. The manager had to drag her away.
Tobias: *laughs*
Rachel: So you got your food for free?
Aximili: Yes, it was free. I do feel bad for taking things for free, but sometimes it's much less hassle to simply do so.
Rachel: You shouldn't worry about it. Take what you can while you can get it, I say.
Tobias: It's not really right, though. *frowns*
Aximili: *looking at box* I don't see why, though. They just want to express thanks, right? But even with that justification, I still feel a bit guilty. It's not that we didn't do something that deserves thanks, but it's more that that's not the reason we did it.
Rachel: They should be giving us estates I say, and paying for our school. Small price for what we had to go through. But, I guess, that's just me. Either way, . .. . . . I'm happy.
Tobias: I guess so. I'd prefer to earn things on my own merits.
Rachel: You saved the world. That's earning enough.
Aximili: A warrior should not accept extra rewards for doing his duty. At least, that is the thought among Andalites. That the service done to the people is it's own reward. *looks at box of free food* I think I prefer the Cinnabuns...
Tobias: I agree with the Andalite way of thinking.
Rachel: *Smiles* I suppose I'm out numbered on this topic then. *finished her pizza*
Rachel: So when are leaving?
Aximili: I leave tomorrow. In fact, I should probably leave here soon and return to the ship. There are many things that must be done to prepare for departure.
Rachel: Well, I'm glad I got to see you Ax. *smiles, then looks at Tobias* Want to go work on studying for your GED then?
Aximili: It was very nice to see you alive and well, Rachel.
Rachel: *Stood up, grabbing her purse, and went to Ax and hugged him* And you. Take care, Ax.
Aximili: *awkwardly hugs Rachel back* *turns to Tobias* Take care, Tobias. And good luck with your testing
Tobias: Thanks, Ax. Good luck hunting down Yeerks.
Rachel: *leaves with Tobias*
Aximili: *leaves*

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