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Mightymorphinmarco: Hi, Jake! Working hard or hardly working?
talanarende: ...that depends who's asking. why?
talanarende: also, why are you IMing me when we're in the same room?
Mightymorphinmarco: Why not?
talanarende: I am working...but not very hard
Mightymorphinmarco: Good. Wanna do something?
talanarende: Something like?
Mightymorphinmarco: I don't know, snog? You think of something. I'm boooooored.
talanarende: ....that's your best idea? why are you so bored?
Mightymorphinmarco: Because algebra sucks. Not as much as saving the world, but it's definitely more boring.
talanarende: Nothing sucks quite that much. But it does make almost everything else look boring. Why do I have to think of something? You're the one who's bored
Mightymorphinmarco: Because the last time I thought of something you didn't like it.
talanarende: But at least you weren't bored anymore. I thought that was the point here.
Mightymorphinmarco: Fine. Let's go out to a club dancing. You _do_ know how to salsa, right?
talanarende: Marco, I barely know how to dance, period... what do you think? But fine, sure, we can do that. Where do you want to go?
Mightymorphinmarco: There's a place right off campus. Don't worry, I'll grab someone cute and have her show you a few moves.
talanarende: *sigh* I don't have a choice about this, do I?
Mightymorphinmarco: Well, I could go alone, but that's no fun. So basically, no.
talanarende: Right.
talanarende: You know...that would be embarrassing. I don't want a girl to think I can't dance. Couldn't you just show me?
Mightymorphinmarco: ...Yeah, I can do that.
Mightymorphinmarco signed off at 8:32 p.m.
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