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Melissa/Marco Chat Log

Melissa's freaking out. Hence, she calls Marco. Chatlogs away!

Marco: [picks up ringing phone] Hello?
Melissa: Marco? Um, I have something I have to ask you.
Marco: Hey, Melissa. Shoot.
Melissa: Is Tobias crazy?
Marco: Uhhh... not that I know of, though admittedly all four of us are a little off these days...
Melissa: [voice rising, she's panicking] Um, okay...see, uh, well have you read Tobias's journal? Because he said something really crazy in there.
Melissa: He doesn't have hallucinations or anything, does he?
Melissa: Because, see, he said Rachel...Rachel's...
Marco: Melissa, breathe. I can only assume he was either kidding around or somehow he's serious. He was always level-headed enough... I doubt he's crazy. I'm voting for 'playing a practical joke', though...
Melissa: But Rachel was, like, the love of his life. Why would he joke about that?
Marco: I don't know. As I said, we're all a little off. Sometimes joking makes it a little easier...
Melissa: I don't know. You really think it's a joke? I mean, I read a little about how she died. That doesn't seem like something you come back from. It's not like she'd pop up and be, like "Hey, guys! I was just kidding!" Would she?
Marco: Well, I don't think so, but Rachel was always resourceful. She was a fighter.
Melissa: Yeah, I guess she was. I wouldn't know, it's not like we kept in touch by the time -- anyway, do you think it's a joke? Really?
Marco: I don't know. That's the only thing I can think - I can't just... believe she's back, you know?
Melissa: Yeah, I know.
Marco: [laughs weakly] I was a little bit in awe of her then, and a little tiny bit in love with her.
Melissa: Really? [laughs] I never knew that...I guess I can understand, though. I mean, I don't swing that way, but she was a great person, you know?
Marco: Yeah. Pretty incredible. A lot of fun to hang out with. I don't think anyone else quite got my sense of humor the way Rachel did. Well... maybe Jake, but that's only because he's known me for so long.
Melissa: [pause, not sure she should go here] Speaking of...how are things with Jake, anyway?
Marco: Dense as usua- hey, wait, what?
Melissa: Oh, like it wasn't obvious he's the guy you're lusting for?
Marco: [coughchoke] How was it obvious?
Melissa: Because Jake does have a nice butt. And, well, I don't know, you're around him all the time. Feelings develop. Happens all the time.
Marco: [soft sigh] Not that I think you would, but please don't tell him, all right?
Melissa: I won't. Promise.
Marco: Thanks. [slight awkward note in his voice] ... Okay, I have no idea what to say here...
Melissa: I don't either. How 'bout we just hang it up? I just, you know, wanted to check about the Rachel thing.
Marco: Yeah. If she really is... you know... I'm sure we'll hear something more soon.
Melissa: I bet you're right. Well, it's getting kinda late, so I think I'm going to hit the sack. Night.
slytherininblack: Marco: Good night. Nice talking to you.
felinephoenix: Melissa: Back at ya. Bye. [hangs up]
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