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OOC Oopsy

Yes, so I have two Rachel/Tobais logs waiting for me edit and post for all of you lovely people to read. Well due to the fact that my father knows nothing about computers he. . frotched it up and now the computer with the logs on it does not have internet connection.

Really sucks neh?

So here's a quick summery.

Tobias ends up spending his time in Auckland at Rachel's apartment. He does his radio show and what not that he has to do. He sorta saves Rachel the trouble of having an uninvited guest of her fanboy she works for from barging into his house (and Rachel going grizzly on him) and morphs Taylor claiming he/she's Rachel's cousin visiting. After ther fan boy leaves Tobais makes bad lesbian jokes. After a demorph and remorph the two exchange a few words and then share long kisses and tell each other they love one another. Hooooow sweeettt.

The other log is when Rachel comes back home to America suprising Tobias. Woot woot. The go to pizza hut to eat and catch up. Rachel tells him of her new apartment she bought of the internet that's on the top story and is closest to the forest. She also bought a bird post for her bed room. She then makes the notion she will need help with her furniture as soon as it got there.

There you have it. As soon as I can get the logs up I will certianly do so. XD. Can't wait for Rachel's big revelation XD.
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